Friday, April 07, 2006

Error 1406 During Install - A Better Solution

Autodesk has come up with a simple solution to the 1406 error that's been annoying many Autodesk customers lately.

Early in the installation of Autodesk Inventor products, some customers may experience Error 1406:

This error occurs if you have Macromedia Flash Player 8a installed on your system. Flash Player 8a was just recently released, so it is newer than version 8 that gets installed by Autodesk Inventor. You may already have version 8a without knowing.

You should uninstall Flash Player 8a before installing Autodesk Inventor. Since Autodesk Inventor automatically installs Flash Player 8 during installation; you will always have a working version of Flash Player. Future upgrades to Flash Player should not adversely affect your Autodesk Inventor environment.

Please complete the following if you encounter this error:

  1. Cancel the installation of Autodesk Inventor
  2. Close all Internet Explorer and other internet browsers
  3. Run C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\UninstFl.exe to clean all Flash 8a registries
  4. Remove Macromedia Flash Player 8 from Add/remove programs
  5. Note: Although Flash Player 8 is listed, this is really version 8a
  6. Retry installation of Autodesk Inventor

If you are not successful in completing the above steps, please contact Product Support for further assistance.

...thanks Adobe.

I experienced this error installing IV10 on a brand new machine without Macromedia ever being installed.
I just had this problem installing Inventor 10 on a Dell Precision Workstation 390. Autodesk emailed me a link to uninstall the adobe flash player, but was unsuccessful. Our computer guy had to uninstall in safe mode. I am up and running now.
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